Our Tips On Starting Your Marketing Planning

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Welcome to the first official blog post for Emporia Marketing! Here we like to provide all the tips and tricks to mastering the art of marketing in today’s modern world, so easy that anyone can give it a go. This blog can be a place for you to learn, grow and evolve as a business. We aim to give expert advice from the founder of the business, Agatha Ioannou as well as comments from our clients and organisations we have helped flourish into the establishments they are today.

As you might’ve read, Emporia Marketing is a boutique consultancy that tailors marketing solutions to helps small businesses in Australia evolve. From food manufacturers like in beverage, biscuits producers to businesses that run Cafés, In-home Cleaning and Schools. Reading these articles can help you make that decision to reach out to us or even just to learn the basic tricks of managing a small business, especially in 2020.

As today was an introduction, we thought we should start at the basics and give some tips to would like to get to the begin your planning for Marketing. Spending the time to understand this part of your business is priceless especially in such uncertain times of the world economy. As a business, such planning will help keep the project team/ business owner feeling organised and under control.

Planning out 12 months is a great tip to keep your focus on the important business goals are and how they will be achieved.

Marketing can be divided into 3 distinct areas:

  1. Diagnose – Research, Insight Development, Segmentation.
  2. Strategy – Target, Positioning Statement, Objectives, Sales Funnel, Strategic Goals.
  3. Tactics – Implementation Plans, Brand Architecture, Tactical Touchpoints, Communication Strategy, Budgeting/Brand Tracking.

Before starting your Marketing Plan, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s my reason for existence?
  • What sets my business apart from the rest?
  • Who is my ideal customer is?
  • What’s most important to my ideal customer when they are buying what I’m selling?
  • What do I want to accomplish this year?
  • What are the top 3 things that are going to get me there?
  • How much money will I need to get it done?

Stay tuned for monthly updates and posts on marketing, social media, sales and special features on our successful clients! If you need or want some expert assistance with your marketing planning, have a look at our services or reach out to us now.

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The Emporia Marketing Team

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